Rocket Men WIN Regional Championship for NJCAA Region 2!

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SAU Tech's Lady Rockets are hosting a prospect camp on August 2, 2021

Students in grades 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th are invited to participate. The camp is $60 per student and starts at 10:00 am on August 2 and goes until 2:00 pm.  Each student must have a current physical and their parent must complete the registration form. 
Lady Rockets Prospect Camp Registration

Rocket Men's Team-Youth Basketball Camp

Students (boys & girls) in grades 1st -12th can attend a day camp and learn skills and drills with the Rocket Men's Team. The cost per student is $60.  July 19 (1st-8th grades) and July 20 (9th -12th grades) 

Register Here

The Rocket Men's Team tryouts-July 17, 2021

Tryouts are limited to first and second-year college students who are not currently under an LOI at another college. 
Rocket Men's Team Tryouts
All Basketball Camps and Tryouts are located in the SAU Tech Student Center-Rocket Gym14411 Carr Rd. Camden, Arkansas 71701

Rocket Men's Team Roster 2021

  • Makeem Loudermill
  • Christian Tyler
  • Cameron Akins
  • Kon Chol
  • Terry Holmes, Jr
  • Donovan Vickers
  • Kam Stafford
  • Jeanvie Mbani
  • Deron Canada
  • Allen Taylor
  • Ronnie Stapp
  • Treyon Johnson
  • Great Nwachukwu
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Due to COVID-19 restrictions, SAU Tech will be restricting attendance to spring basketball games. The games are not open to the general public.

Games will be streamed through SAU Tech's Facebook page. Conference games played at home will be hosted as paid events through SAU Tech's Facebook page. The cost is $2 per game. No refunds will be issued if a game is canceled due to COVID-19. Payments will be considered a donation to help cover athletic expenses.

Sponsors/Boosters are allowed attendance at the games and are required to comply with seating arrangements and mask mandates .All scrimmages are closed to the public.

SAU TEch CV Plan

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Amy Diehl
Rocket Athletic Director

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